Financial Assistance Program 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


 What is Love INC’s Financial Assistance Program? 

Love INC of Allendale’s Financial Assistance Program offers monetary help for eligible families in the Coopersville and Allendale surrounding areas. 


 What needs can Love INC assist with?  

      Rental Assistance
o   Pending evictions
o   Newly issued seven-day-notices 

      Utility Assistance 
o   Shut-off notices
o   Households at risk of utility disconnection

      Furniture Ministry
o   Collection and distribution of home furnishings to qualified families in need at no charge, using volunteer labor and transportation.

      Gas Vouchers
o   Issued in $10 increments to a designated gas station in the Allendale area.  


 What needs can Love INC not assist with?

Love INC of Allendale is limited in the areas of assistance we can offer to the general community. We can, however, provide you with other community resources that can potentially help your family in the areas we don’t cover. Examples of needs we cannot assist with include: 

Car payments 

1st month’s rent
Phone bills
Cable/internet bills
 Medical expenses
Appliance purchases
Housing/immediate shelter
Mortgage payments
Bankruptcy payments
Childcare expenses
Vehicle repairs
House repairs 

 How much assistance can I be approved for? 

      Love INC of Allendale will approve a maximum of $600 of financial assistance in a calendar year, per household. 

      Please understand the funding maximum is not guaranteed. Awards are contingent on client completion of program requirements. 


 How do I apply for assistance? 

      The first step would be to complete an intake application online. 
o   You can access the application by clicking here

      Within 24 hours of completing your application, you will need to provide the list of required documents to Love INC of Allendale. 
o   The list of required documents can be found here


 I submitted my application, but I did not provide my personal documents to Love INC within 24 hours. What happens now? 

      Please understand that it is the client's responsibility to provide proof of income and other requested information needed to determine eligibility for the program within 24 hours of completing your application. 

      Failure to provide this information within the timeline will result in denial of your application.


 I submitted my application online and submitted all my documents. What happens next?  

      You can expect to have an appointment scheduled with a member of the Love INC Team within 7 days of submission of application and required documents. 

      Your information will go before Love INC of Allendale’s Financial Assistance Committee for their review. This committee will ultimately determine if your household is approved or denied for services. 

      You can expect to have a decision from Love INC staff within 14 days of your application submission.  


 I have received services from Love INC within the past year, can I still receive services now? 

      Yes, however we do have a maximum limit of $600 in financial assistance per year per household. 


 Who can I contact to ask questions about this program? 

      If you have questions or concerns, call Love INC of Allendale’s office location at 616-895-5683.