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Church partnerships are essential for Love INC to exist.  The church doorstep is a frequent destination for people in need, but a church can't do it all on their own.  Love In the Name of Christ enables churches and ministries in the Allendale and Coopersville areas to come together with their resources and outreach services so that people in need are not turned away.  Pooling resources from various churches in the community allows churches to put their denominations aside and unite as Christians to help people in the name of Christ.


Elements of a Church Partnership

Most often, in a comprehensive partnership, a church will demonstrate their commitment by:

  1. Introducing Love INC to the congregation.
  2. Appointing one or more church ministry coordinators to be the liaison between the Love INC clearinghouse and the congregation.
  3. Referring people in need to Love INC to work together.
  4. Encouraging church members to volunteer with us.
  5. Organizing church members to serve by using their gifts.
  6. Accepting referrals for help from Love INC.
  7. Providing clearinghouse volunteers from their church.
  8. Participating in the financial support of Love INC.
  9. Praying for Love INC, clients, partner churches, and for the unity in the body of Christ.

In addition, the church may also:

  1. Create a ministry to fill a gap in the community
  2. Follow-up with people who have received help through Love INC.

If your church is interested in becoming a partner with Love INC,
please contact our office at 616-895-5683 or email