Our donation center is open 24 hours a day and is located at 11620 60th Ave in Allendale. If you have larger items we prefer you drop them off between 9am-4pm Monday through Saturday. We have staff/volunteers during those hours to help if needed. It also ensures that your items are not left outside during the weekend and possibly destroyed by inclement weather. Please remember that all items donated should be in Good Used condition with no rips, stains or tares.

If you are not able to drop items off you can submit a request for pick up. We try to respond to requests for pick up within 2 business days) however, this does not mean that we pick up right away. Since we depend on volunteers to make pick ups it can sometimes take 1-2 weeks before we are able to make it to you. The timing really just depends on the availability of our volunteers. Thanks for your understanding.


616 - 895 - 5683